Arun Pool-Tingla Hub - New Khimti - Tamakoshi 3 - Sunkoshi Hub - Dhalkebar 400kV Transmission Line Project

A)  Project Detail/Scope:

(i) Construction of Arun Hub to Tingla 400kV Double Circuit Transmission Line and associated substations at Arun Hub and Tingla Hub.

(ii) Construction of Tingla Hub-Likhu Hub-New Khimti 400kV Double Circuit Transmission Line and associated substation at Likhu Hub and bay expansion work at New Khimti Substation.

Construction of New Khimti-Tamakoshi 3- Sunkoshi Hub- Dhalkebar 400kV Double Circuit Transmission Line and associated substation at Sunkoshi Hub and bay expansion at Dhalkebar Substation.

B)  Project Objectives and Goals:

The main objective of the Project is to increase transmission capacity of INPS to evacuate the power generated from Arun, Solu, Dudhkoshi, Likhu, Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi river basins and corridors and strengthen Nepal Grid System. The strong high voltage transmission line will provide reliable transmission path for power flow with increased reliability. Another goal of the project is to decrease transmission loss.

C)  Contract Packages: None till date.

Package 1:

Contract Details


IFB Publication Date:

Contract Agreement Date:

Contract Completion Date:

Cost of Contract:

Major Activities:

  • Project Report (Desk Study Report) has been prepared.
  1. ToR for the consultant to be appointed for the Project Preparation Study  is being prepared
  1. Progress:
  1. Physical: None till date
  2. Financial: None till date

E.Disbursement Target of the Year 2018 : 0.3 million USD

F.Disbursement Amount of the Year 2018: 0

G.Hindrance of the Project: None till date

H.Efforts to mitigate Hindrance:

I.Budget for F/Y 2017/18

Nepal government:  NRs. 10,00,000.00

ADB: 0

J.Target of Expenses for F/Y 2017/18: NRs. 2,00,000.00

K.Social and Environmental Activities including GESI and their impacts to society:

No study has been done till date.

L.Land and Building Details: Not acquired any land and buildings till date.













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