Kathmandu Valley 220 kV Ring Main Project

Report of:           1st Quarter 2018Project Detail/Scope:

  1. Project Detail/Scope:


The project intends towards the enhancement of Transmission network system of Kathmandu Valley. This project aims to improve Transmission line stability of the Kathmandu Valley and increasing the power evacuation capacity of the transmission line to cater the increasing demand of power in Kathmandu Valley. The Project intends to constructs 220 kV Transmission Line with Line Length of 76.1 km along the Outer Ring Road with 3 number of 220/132 kV stepdown Substation. 


 B.Project Objectives and Goals:

The main objective of the Project is enhancement of Transmission network system to add power evacuation capacity of the Transmission Line, and to improve Transmission Line stability of the network.

C.Contract Packages:

Contract Details:


IFB Publication Date:


Contract Agreement Date:


Contract Completion Date:


Cost of Contract:


Major Activities:


Financial Evaluation Report submitted to ADB for concurrence.

  1. Progress:
  1. Physical: 0%
  2. Financial: 0%


  1. Disbursement Target of the Year: 
  2. Disbursement Amount of the Year:


  1. Hinderance of the Projects:
  1. Efforts to mitigate Hinderance:

       I.Budget for F/Y 2017/18 (Amended)

      Nepal Government:  NRs. 1 Million

      ADB: NRs.  Million

      J.Target of Expenses for F/Y 2017/18:

     Preliminary Desk study.

    K.Social and Environmental Activities including GESI and their impacts to society:

    L.Land and Building Details: N/A






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