Samundratar-Trishuli 3 B 132 kV Transmission Line Project

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Report of 1st Quarter 2018

A)     Project Detail/Scope:

This project will evacuate power generated from 8 IPPs in Tadi River (total capacity of 40.3 MW, mostly at 33kV Voltage Level) to Trishuli 3B Substation. The project includes a Substation at Samundratar with Double Busbar arrangement with 132/33 kV, 2x24/30 MVA and 33/11kV, 2x6/8MVA Power Transformers. The Substation will have two 132 kV line Bays for switching Samundratar-Trishuli 3B Hub Line Sections. The project includes 25.7 km long transmission line with 84 towers from Samudratar Substation to Trishuli 3B Hub Substation.

B)     Project Objectives and Goals:

Evacuation of power from the planned 8 Hydroelectric Projects (combined capacity of 40.3 MW) in Tadi River, ChandrawatiKhola and other rivers in the north-east part of Nuwakot Districtand more hydropower projects in the future.

      C)      Contract Packages:


Lot Number-None

Name: Design, supply, construction and commissioning of a 132/33/11kV Substation and 132kV Double Circuit Transmission Line

Publication Reference: ICB-ST3BSTL-071/072-01


Contact Details of Contractor:

Name of Contractor: ETERN-CCCE-FEPEC Joint Venture (the Joint Venture of Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, China, CCC Engineering Ltd., China and Fujian Electric Power Engineering Company, China)

Address: 14F, Tower A, South Qilianshan Road No. 1988, Shanghai, P.R. China

Tel: +86-21-55967955, Fax: +86-21-55967956



To design, manufacture, test, deliver, install, complete and commission certain facilities viz. Procurement of Plant (Design, Supply and Install) of Samundratar-Trishuli 3B Hub 132 kV Transmission Line Project


IFB Publication Date: March 31, 2015


Contract Agreement Date: May 27, 2016


Contract Completion Date: November 28, 2018

Cost of Contract:

US$ 5,534,690.13 (US Dollar Five Million Five Hundred Thirty Four thousand Six hundred Ninety and thirteen cent only) and NRs. 276,937,619.41 (Nepali Rupees Two Hundred Seventy Six Million Nine Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Nineteen and forty one paisa only)


Major Activities:

Design, manufacture, test, deliver, install, complete and commission certain facilities viz. Procurement of Plant (Design, Supply and Install) of Samundratar-Trishuli 3B Hub 132 kV Transmission Line Project


Project Supervision Consultant: Power Grid Corporation of India, PGCIL

D)     Progress:

a)      Physical: 71.27%

Financial: 15.91% of total allocated budget

E)     Disbursement Target of the Year:2.4 Million Euro (Rs. 306.1 Million)

       F)     Disbursement Amount of the Year:Rs. 3.59 Million

G)     Hindrances of the Project:

Difficulty for Chinese Contractor to carry out the design of the project components according to Indian Standards

H)     Efforts to Mitigate Hindrances:

       Several Joint Meetings among the Project, Contractor and Consultant to discuss the issues related to applicable Standards for design

I)     Budget for F/Y 2017/18:

Total: Rs. 505.2 Million

Nepal Government:Rs. 60 Million

       European Investment Bank: Rs. 445.2 Million

      J) Target for Expenses for F/Y 2017/18: 2.4 Million Euro(Rs. 306.1 Million)

K)     Social and Environmental Activities including GESI and their impacts to society:

                     i.            Various livelihood trainings for local and affected people conducted

                   ii.            Continuous Interaction with Project Affected Communities

                  iii.            Activities like distribution of pamphlets and placing of hoarding boards to disseminate information about the project

                 iv.            Design and construction of public water tank in the project vicinity underway

Good cooperation from the local public for execution of the project

L)     Land and Building Details:

                    i.            Acquisition of all required land for substation (around 35 Ropanis) completed

                  ii.            Acquisition of all required land for tower locations (111 plots, around 20 Ropanis) completed

                 iii.            Distribution of compensation for acquired land completed

                iv.            Design of staff quarter, control building and guard house under review by the consultant

Land cleared for construction of staff quarter and control building




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