Kathmandu Valley West Distribution System Enhancement Project

                                                                                                                                                                                             Report of:           1st Quarter 2018

A) Project Detail/Scope:

The project intends towards the enhancement of distribution system and/or rehabilitation of the distribution system with the provision of automation for the areas under Kuleshwor, Baneshwor, Kirtipur & Jorpati Distribution Center, NEA to address the incremental load demand and improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply by reducing system overloads as well as technical and commercial losses.  Additionally, the aesthetic view of the city will be improved by removal of the overhead distribution networks. The scope of the project includes undergrounding and laying of HT and LT Power cables and Optical fiber using Trenchless boring methodology. Where trenchless boring (Horizontal drilling) is not possible, with Employers approval open cut trenching shall be used for undergrounding the HT and LT Power cables and Optical fiber. Wherever undergrounding of the system is not possible, the conductor will be replaced by the ABC Cables with the necessary reinforcement. The distribution transformer capacity also will be reinforced to meet the increasing demand.

B)  Project Objectives and Goals:

The main objective of the Project is enhancement of distribution system with automation and the rehabilitation of 11kV and 0.4kV networks for areas under Kuleshwor, Baneshwor, Kirtipur & Jorpati Distribution Center of Kathmandu Valley and improve reliability and the quality of the system and add to the aesthetic outlook of the city.

C)  Contract Packages:

Contract Details:

Enhancement of Distribution Networks in Central Region of Kathmandu Valley (Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Underground Distribution Network under Kuleshwor, Baneshwor, Kirtipur & Jorpati Distribution Center including Reinforcement and Automation)


Engineering and Design of the Distribution Network involving Underground distribution Network, overhead distribution network with insulated conductor necessary reinforcement of existing system and distribution system automation, Supply and erection of materials, conversion of existing 11 kV and LT overhead distribution system into underground systems (as far as possible the 11 kV will be in Ring Main Configuration), Reinforce existing overhead ABC cable, underground system for 11kV and LT distribution system, Supply , delivery and installation of SCADA enabled Ring Main Units with inbuilt FRTU and FPI, optical fiber cables, LT feeder panels including the associated civil works. Integration with existing systems, testing and commissioning, along with the support services including operation and maintenance of the installed system for a period of 3 years after the commissioning of project.

IFB Publication Date:

Contract Agreement Date:

Contract Completion Date:

Cost of Contract:

Major Activities:

Financial Evaluation Report submitted to ADB for concurrence.

D)  Progress:

  1. Physical: 0%
  2. Financial: 0%

E)  Disbursement Target of the Year: 

F)  Disbursement Amount of the Year:

G)  Hinderance of the Projects:

H)  Efforts to mitigate Hinderance:

I)  Budget for F/Y 2017/18 (Amended)

Nepal Government:  NRs. 1 Million

ADB: NRs.  Million

J)  Target of Expenses for F/Y 2017/18:

     Contract Document Preparation.

K)  Social and Environmental Activities including GESI and their impacts to society:

L)  Land and Building Details: N/A
















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