Kathmandu Valley Smart Metering Project

  1. Project Detail/ Scope

The project is to   Design, Supply and Installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Smart meters and associated facilities) System for whole Kathmandu Valley and to installed the Smart meters to the consumers that is covered by Ratnapark and Maharajgunj distribution Centre.

        B. Project Objective and Goals


The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has  plans to implement Advance Metering Infrastructure to bring about reform in the distribution sector through AMI implementation, NEA aims to mirror the benefits to the customers that can be seen in a number of countries and can be replicated in Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). In the initial stages of program rollout, the immediate benefits such as reduced meter reading costs, access to time of use based tariffs and the cut back in AT&C losses will be realized. The benefits for NEA will be less immediate but eventually include:

  1. Improved network visibility and hence reduced or deferred network reinforcement costs;
  2. Improved management of power outages;
  3. Improved connection processes;
  4. Reduced costs for micro-generation customers;
  5. Access to the benefits offered by demand side response;
  6. Losses reduction; and
  7. Improved customer service across a range of routine activities.
  8. Increase Customer satisfaction.

While the introduction of smart meters will bring the immediate benefits to customers, their full potential in relation to network-related benefits will only be realized when customers start to adopt behavioural changes in power consumption or integrate decentralized installed generation. In addition, in the early years of smart meter roll out program the penetration levels for smart meters will not facilitate too many benefits associated with network management.

C.Contact Packages 

               Package 1:

Contract Details

“Design, Supply and Installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Smart meters and associated facilities) System “




The project scope of work is to design, supply, establish, install, testing, commissioning, operate and maintain the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for consumers equipped with Single Phase and Three Phase Whole Current meters. The NEA intends to deploy the AMIsystem with its auxiliary applications all across the Kathmandu valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur) within a radius of 220 sq. miles. The first stage of overall smart metering project,shall include the 98,000 metering nodes in the areas of Kathmandu central region and Kathmandu north region with an approx. area of 60 sq. miles.

The intent of this project is to implement the AMI system for all Distribution consumers with following functions:

  1. Capability to access the real-time data and provide all information on a single console in an integrated manner with the possibility to remotely control the entire network and increase operational efficiency.
  2. Bidder shall establish network platform that can support the multiple applications like AMI, DMS, DER, Street Light Management and HAN etc. over a single communications platform using RF communication technology.
  3. The Network canopy to be established using RF communication technology shall communicate with field devices using intermediate network elements such as routers/repeaters/collectors/gateways/data concentrators units/access points etc. In case the RF communication technology is not feasible at the specific consumer/metering location the bidder shall provide the GPRS/GSM based network connectivity for metering point.



IFB Publication Date 10th September 2017

Contract Agreement Date: None

Contract Completion Date :None

                Cost of Contract :


Major Activities : Bid has opened and Technical Evaluation is on-going.



  1. Physical : None till date
  2. Financial :None till date

       E.Disbursement Target of the Year :None

       F.Disbursement Amount of the Year : None

      G. Hindrance of the Project : None

      H.Effort of Mitigate Hindrance : None

       I.Budget for F/Y 2017/18

             Nepal Government 50,00,000 Nrs

             ADB : 1,400,00,000 Nrs

      J. Target of Expenses of F/Y 2017/18 145000000 Nrs

       K .Social and Environment  Activiites including GESI and their impacts to society Not under the scope of the project

Not under the scope of the project

L. land and Building Details : Not under the scope of the project
















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